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Pigtail Day for PND week

pigtail day for pnd week

November 13-19 is Perinatal (PND) Awareness Week all around the world.

If you are not aware – one in seven Aussie mums are affected by PND and it is just as common worldwide. To raise awareness of PND and to encourage us mums to ask for help, The White Cloud Foundation invites you to show them support and raise awareness for Perinatal Depression by participating in Pigtail Day for PND week!

Pigtail Day is a national campaign by the White Cloud Foundation that calls on the community to “Wear Pigtails for Perinatal Depression”

Pigtail Day is to women what Movember is to men!

So how can you get involved?

1. ONLINE: Snap a selfie of you wearing Pigtails and post to social media during the week of 13 – 19 November with the hashtag #PigtailsForPerinatalDepression then nominate another mama in your network to post her pigtail selfie. Be sure to #roseanddotco so we can see your efforts!

2. IN THE COMMUNITY: Host a pigtail party during November to raise funds for perinatal depression. The opportunities for fun and games are endless. Here are just a few ideas;
Pigtails and cocktails girls night, Pigtail pamper party, pigtail parade – host a fashion parade, pigtails and pizza movie night…. or host a PIG OUT in PIGTAILS

3. SCHOOLS: We are asking girls and boys to wear pigtails to school during the week of 13- 19 November, and make a gold coin donation. Go all out and hold a Pigtail parade to show off the creative hairstyles. Why not hold a pigtail party and have a “Pig Out” – what a great way to end the school year!

Can your school break the record? We are searching for a school that is ready to take on the pigtail challenge and join us and our media partner channel Seven on Monday 14 November to set the world record for the most people wearing pigtails. If you think your school could rally 200-300 or more kids and are happy to be filmed for TV then the White Cloud Foundation would love to hear from you.

4. AT WORK: Who doesn’t want to wear pigtails to work? Choose a day, a week, or go for a month of pigtails. Ask your employer, colleagues or clients to sponsor you to wear pigtails to work for a day, a week or a month – just imagine the accessories!
Host a “Pig Out” morning or afternoon tea or simply place a piggy bank at your workplace to collect donations.

Why do we need to raise awareness and funds for Perinatal Depression?

In Australian almost 300,000 babies were born in 2014, with one in every seven mothers affected by perinatal Depression more than 42,000 Aussie mums are currently at risk.

Findings from the Mother and Child Health Research (MCHR, now the Judith Lumley Centre), La Trobe University, report that around 10,000 calls are made annually to the National Perinatal Depression Helpline with demand increasing by around 20% year on year.

Fifty-eight percent of Mums calling the helpline have not yet been formally diagnosed and are seeking early intervention.

Over fifty percent of Mothers who have been diagnosed with depression call the helpline because they are not satisfied with their current treatment.

Seventy-nine percent of all women who call the helpline are seeking a referral for treatment.

That is almost 8000 Australian mothers who are asking for help!

The White Cloud Foundation has recently completed a clinical pilot program in conjunction with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) that provided women with early, intensive intervention for PND with great success. This month they launched White Cloud Mums, a practical support program that will see them deliver meals to mothers undergoing treatment for or at risk of Perinatal Depression.

If you’d like to participate in Pigtail Day for PND week, we’d love to see your pics! Remember to hashtag and tag us @roseanddotco #PigtailsForPerinatalDepression and #roseanddotco

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  1. Thanks for promoting such an important cause.

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