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Make your Nursery Smarter

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Let’s not beat around the bush.  Being a parent is hard, and it never gets any easier with every new tiny human you may bring into the world.  It’s exhausting, stressful, and yet amazing all at the same time.

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So the question is, what do you do to make this job a bit easier?  For a mum or dad who has already gone through the journey of raising a child, you already have a few tricks or habits that can make the day to day activities a bit stress-free for you.  New parents are not as lucky.  They’re just learning what works and what doesn’t for their bub as they go, and getting advice from absolutely everyone on the right way to dress, bathe, feed, soothe their child.  They might be checking every 2 minutes to make sure their tiny human is still breathing after putting them down for the night, and freaking out the second the bub starts to cry.  There’s nothing amazing about that.  

There’s no excuse these days not to have a video monitor in your young child’s room

This is the time for parents to get smart.  It’s time for them to get some peace of mind, and let the wondrous, and ever-evolving world of Smart Home technology to give them a hand.  

As a basic definition, a Smart Home is your house that’s connected to you.  Through the adding of certain devices, you can get your home to communicate to you and gives you the ability to interact with your home.  If you have a keyless lock, your house can tell you if it’s locked or not, and lock itself on your command.  If you have a temperature sensor, your home can tell you if it gets too warm or too cold, and if you want it to, ensure it gets itself back to the right ambient temperature. Consider it sort of like your own personal communication system to hardware of your house.  This sort of tech is not just for your front door, or air con, or living room, and it’s really not complicated at all to use.  You can certainly add it to a nursery or kid’s room to give yourself extra peace of mind that your child safe, even if you’re not in the room with them at all times.

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Let’s start with the obvious.  There’s no excuse these days not to have a video monitor in your young child’s room.  Instead of needing a monitor screen like many baby monitors use, why not install a video camera with night vision?  Video cameras are no longer those hideous, bulky, expensive things you see stuck in every corner of your local pizzeria or newsagent.  They’re now sleek, discreet and cost only a few hundred dollars.  With a camera that’s connected to your home through a control panel, you can then check on the bub from your phone, wherever you are.  

If your little one is becoming more mobile, add a contact sensor to any doors, windows, drawers or wardrobes in their room.  These sensors have a magnet attached so that when it’s pulled away from the sensor, such as when a door is opened, the sensor will send alert to your smartphone.  Once installed properly, you’ll know exactly when they’re awake and roaming at night as you will receive alerts when any of these sensors are opened.

Staying on the subject of your tiny travelers, keeping them safe if they leave their bedroom in the middle of the night is worth considering.  Adding smart lighting to your hallway that turns on when there’s movement from their door will at least keep them from roaming the hallway in the dark if they’re coming to your bedroom after having a nightmare or going to the bathroom.  This can be done by adding a small fixture to your existing light switch, which then enables it to be connected to the rest of your smart devices, or a smart light bulb, or a smart plug that you have you hall way lamp plugged into.  

Adding smart devices to your child’s room not only makes them safer, but also gives you a way of knowing what they’re up and checking up on them, anytime and from anywhere.  They’re super easy to install and program on your own, but if you’re not tech savvy or want professional support, definitely consider speaking to a security and Smart Home dealer.  They will be able to give you the advice and products you need, as well as install, program and troubleshoot your system when required.


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